Our Wallet applications, for a wide variety of platforms, allow you to see, receive, spend, and stake your NEBL Tokens.

With Wallet support for nearly every OS, you can send & receive NEBL from anywhere, anytime.

Neblio Orion Web Wallet with NTP1 Support

Neblio Orion is our newest and most anticipated wallet. Orion works from any browser and looks great on both Desktop and Android/iOS.

Along with sending/receiving/storing NEBL, Orion also supports creating and transferring brand new NTP1 (Neblio Token Protocol-1) Tokens on the Neblio blockchain specifically for your blockchain project.

Our core desktop wallets are the most feature rich, allowing you to securely send, receive, and stake your NEBL in an easy to use interface. These fully open source applications are the heart of the Neblio Blockchain Network, communicating with each other across the globe to create a truly distributed and secure communications network built for distributed application development.

Core Desktop Wallets





Total Downloads of Desktop Wallet: 63815

We are building a global ecosystem to support NEBL anywhere and on any device. If you would like to see a NEBL wallet on a platform we do not have listed, please contact us!

Mobile & Other Wallets


Android (Live!)


Raspberry Pi