NEBL is a Proof-of-Stake Cryptocurrency Token

Neblio Tokens power the Neblio Blockchain Network and can be sent to or received from other Neblio Users


Staking Tokens

The Neblio Blockchain Network is secured through a method of distributed consensus known as Staking. When you stake your tokens, you will earn a token reward from the network for generating blocks on the blockchain. For more details on staking, and how to stake, check out our blog post.

Tokens Power the Neblio Platform

Tokens on a blockchain network incentivize network users to secure and operate the network by running nodes across the globe. This network of users creates a decentralized global network powered by NEBL transactions carrying information that are stored in the blockchain.

Transferring Tokens

NEBL can be sent to or received from other Neblio users using a Neblio wallet available on a number of operating systems. Tokens can be transferred from your own wallet to to the wallet of someone standing next to you or the wallet of someone across the world, instantly.