Tokenize Everything With NTP1

Neblio Token Protocol Benefits

NTP1 tokens drive distributed applications on the Neblio Network.


NTP1 tokens are issued on the Neblio blockchain with immutable storage secured by Proof of Stake.


Due to unique meta-data carrying properties, NTP1 tokens are used for everything from the tokenization of real-world assets to the secure transfer of data.


NTP1 tokens can be created in as easy as a few clicks with no development or technical experience necessary.

Real-World Use Cases

From staking on Raspberry Pi, to instantly spinning up a fully-synced Neblio Docker node, to storing your NEBL in Electrum cold storage, we are building a global ecosystem to support NEBL & NTP1 tokens anywhere and on any device. If you would like to see Neblio software on a platform we do not have listed, please contact us!

Supply Chain Management

From as large as a shipping container to as small as an individual item, the tokenization of shipments allows for increased transparency and accountability in supply chain. Utilizing NTP1 tokens’ metadata properties to securely and immutably log the flow of goods around the world allows for food producers to track food from farm to table or electronics manufacturers to ensure their supply chain is free of conflict minerals.

Secure Records & Logging

From health records to data logging to financial transactions, the Neblio Blockchain provides a secure and decentralized ledger for any form of records management. Due to NTP1 Metadata adaptive compression & encryption support, large amounts of records data can be securely stored directly on the blockchain using a single NTP1 transaction with extremely low network fees. Unencrypted data can be retrieved by any user or application using the Neblio API Suite, while encrypted data is stored securely on the chain only readable by select parties.

Tokenize Everything

NTP1 tokens can be used to represent any physical or digital items. From real estate deeds, to company assets, to event ticketing, NTP1 tokens can be used to accurately describe, catalog, track and transfer physical items on the Neblio blockchain. Digital items, everything from points for rewards programs (retail, airline, etc) to in-game currencies & items for video games can be created and transferred directly on the blockchain as NTP1 tokens allowing users to buy, sell and trade the tokenized digital items both in and outside of their respective applications.

Get Started

Creating your unique NTP1 token could not be easier. Simply download an NTP1-compatible wallet, and create your tokens with your unique name, symbol, icon, quantity, and metadata with as few as 2 clicks. Once your tokens are live on the Neblio Blockchain and you are ready to begin developing, check out our developer documentation to get started.
Download A Wallet