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Technology Overview

Neblio is an open-source, decentralized, and secure blockchain platform built for a wide variety of enterprise-level applications and services. Use cases include Supply Chain, Records Management, Gaming, Asset Tracking, Identity Management, and many more. 

Our core vision is simplicity and making blockchain development easily accessible. Through our RESTful API SDKs available in eight of today’s most popular programming languages, we offer easy integration with both legacy and new application architectures looking to benefit from blockchain technology. 

The Neblio blockchain supports the tokenization of both physical and digital assets through Neblio Token Protocol-1 (NTP1). Neblio’s large block size and fast block time enable lightning-fast transactions, individualized token metadata, and high transaction throughput.

Neblio Wallets

Neblio offers a variety of wallets depending on your needs. Most users will choose between the Core Desktop wallets and the Orion web wallet.

The Core Desktop Wallets enable your computer (or Raspberry Pi) to join and help operate the Neblio Network while also supporting NTP1 token transactions and NEBL staking.

The Neblio Orion web wallet operates in your computer or mobile phone’s web browser allowing the transfer of NEBL and NTP1 tokens from virtually any device. Orion does not currently support the network via staking NEBL.
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Development Roadmap

Feb 2017

The market shows a need for simple blockchain solutions for business and the idea of Neblio is born
Blockchain is seen as an immensely valuable technology for businesses small and large. Neblio was born to bring simple blockchain-based tools and services to the market to drive adoption of the technology in the business world.

2nd Half of 2017

Neblio Public Announcement
• Neblio Mainnet is Live on Day One
• Neblio Team is assembled from top development and operations talent
• Core Wallet Released for macOS, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, & Docker
• Electrum Light Wallet Released for macOS, Windows, Linux
• Mobile Light Wallet Released for Android

Q1 2018

RESTful API Suite & 
Neblio Token Protocol-1
• RESTful API Suite with SDK Libraries in 8 of the most popular programming languages released
• Neblio Token Protocol-1 is announced and proof-of-concept demonstrated

Q2 2018

NTP1 & Neblio Orion Release, 
Neblio University Launch
• NTP1 Protocol Officially Released
• Neblio Orion Web-Wallet launched with NTP1 Token Support & Token Issuance 
• Neblio University knowledge base launched to provide a hub for documentation, tutorials, developer tools & more

Q3 2018

Tachyon Network Upgrade &
Neblio APIs as-a-service
• Tachyon Network Scaling Upgrade Announced
• Neblio API as-a-service (NAPIS)  Launched
• Tachyon Network Upgrade Activated on Testnet

Q4 2018

Expanding the NTP1 Ecosystem
• Tachyon Network Scaling Upgrade Activated on Mainnet
• NTP1 Support Added to Neblio Block Explorer
• NTP1 Transaction Validation & Decentralization across all Neblio Nodes
• New NTP1 RPC commands added for exchanges and other services to fully support NTP1 Tokens

Q1 2019

QuickSync For All
Neblio QuickSync technology integrated into all Neblio Core Desktop Wallets (macOS, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Docker). Re-Syncing the entire blockchain from scratch now takes minutes, not days or weeks.

Q2 2019

Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps,
Neblio Rebrand & New Website
• Network upgraded to support OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY to support cross-chain atomic swaps between NEBL/BTC, NEBL/LTC, etc.
• Partnered with Ideas By Nature to update the Neblio branding & web presence

Q3 2019

Neblio University Content Refresh &
Neblio Core NTP1 Metadata Support
• Neblio University content refreshed to include new documentation, tutorials, use cases, development resources and more
• Neblio Core Wallets updated to fully support NTP1 metadata transactions 

Q4 2019

Neblio Core NTP1 Token Issuance
Support is added to Neblio Core Wallets to fully support the issuance of new NTP1 Tokens; allowing Neblio Core users to issue new tokens, described by metadata, and tokenize everything!

Q1 2020

Neblio Services & Consulting
Neblio's services & consulting offerings are made available to the public: 
• Support Contracts
• Development Contracts
• Blockchain Consulting
• Private Blockchain Development
• Permissioned Blockchain Development
• Neblio Node Hosting
• Private Neblio Network Hosting

Q2 2020

NTP1 Smart Contract Research
Investigate & Research appropriate rules, conditions, and other parameters that can be added to NTP1 to extend the current Smart Contract functionality to cover more use cases

Q3 2020

Neblio Core Cold Staking
Using new Neblio Smart Contracts, implement Cold Staking in Neblio Core to allow NEBL to be staked while stored securely in cold, offline storage.

Q4 2020

Neblio Orion Cold Staking
Upgrade Orion to allow Cold Staking of NEBL stored in the Orion Web Wallet. This will allow users to keep their NEBL in the portable & secure Orion Wallet, while Cold Staking that NEBL and receiving stake rewards.

Q1 2021

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Research
• Investigate & document new use cases for Non-Fungible NTP1 Tokens on Neblio.
• Create and or improve existing APIs, tools, and documentation around NFTs on Neblio to improve developer experience when working with NFTs.
• Explore new NFT-related partnerships and work with those partners to further Neblio NFT adoption, usability, & technology.

Q2 2021

Hardware Wallet Research
Explore ways NEBL & NTP1 tokens can be secured via hardware wallets such as Ledger & Trezor. If hardware wallets are unable or unwilling to support Neblio natively, explore ways by which we can add hardware wallet support directly to Neblio Core, or Neblio Orion. Any hardware wallet implementation should also support Neblio Cold Staking.

Q3 2021

Interoperability Research
Research current & upcoming blockchain interoperability platforms and how they may benefit Neblio. Explore ways NEBL & NTP1 tokens could be used on other blockchain platforms (Ethereum, Polkadot, Hyperledger, etc) as well as ways assets from other platforms could be brought to the Neblio blockchain. 

Q4 2021

Decentralized Governance via Neblio Improvement Proposals
Allow community members, NEBL stakers, developers, partners and more to submit Improvement Proposals for the Neblio Network and Ecosystem. Neblio Improvement Proposals (NIPs) will be voted on by NEBL stakers on-chain, putting NEBL stakers in full control of the Neblio Network & Ecosystem's governance.


Neblio Governance & Roadmap Move to GitHub
Thanks to Neblio Improvement Proposals (NIPs) and Neblio Block Voting in Neblio Core v3.4.0+, community members, stakers, developers, and partners can all participate in Neblio's Governance and help build Neblio's Roadmap. 
NIPs can be submitted by anyone and will be voted on by NEBL stakers, giving stakers full control over the Neblio Network and Ecosystem.
Learn More about Neblio Improvement Proposals and Neblio Block VotingNeblio Roadmap on GitHub