Token Sale Details

14 Day Token Sale Period Starting Midnight (CEST) August 6th, 2017

125,000,000 total NEBL in circulation
1 Bitcoin = 20,000 NEBL (not including bonus)

Tokens Sold: 11779209

Participants: 1,223


Note: Stats are only updated once payment has 6 confirmations and a member of our team has sent the NEBL to the customer.

Note: Neblio Tokens (NEBL) are not an investment vehicle of any kind and do not pertain in any way to an offering of securities in any jurisdiction. Ownership of NEBL carries no rights express or implied. Participants should have no expectation of influence over governance of Neblio. NEBL tokens’ only value is in the sense that they are required to create, distribute, and use distributed applications on the Neblio blockchain network and can be transferred amongst Neblio users.

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The Neblio Token Sale is now over. We will be processing orders over the next few days. If you have a referral code you can still claim your NEBL through the normal checkout process HERE but all other orders are closed.

If you had any issues with ordering NEBL please contact us below, allow at least 24 hours for a response due to the hundreds of emails we are receiving per hour.


  • Token Distribution

    Neblio is not withholding any NEBL

    100% of the 125,000,000 NEBL will be available for sale during the Pre-Sale. We are not withholding any NEBL for development, marketing, or a “Founder’s Fund” as is common with other cryptocurrency Pre-Sales.

    While we do not feel we were entitled to keep any NEBL for free, the Neblio Founders did purchase some NEBL for themselves at the 25% bonus level and will purchase more at the 10% bonus level before the sale concludes.


    Any unsold tokens will be burned.

    NEBL is deposited into the Neblio wallet address of your choice as soon as your order is confirmed and processed by our team. No waiting days or months to get your tokens.

  • Download Wallet

    Wallets are available NOW!

    You need one of our three wallets available at launch to receive your NEBL. Your tokens will be delivered to the wallet address you specify in your order as soon as your payment is confirmed and your order is processed by a member of our team.


  • Token Exchange Rate

    Token Exchange Rate

    125,000,000 total NEBL in circulation
    1 BTC = 20,000 NEBL (not including pre-sale bonus)

    NEBL will be deposited into your wallet soon after purchase. Tokens can then be sent to other Neblio users immediately. The only way to generate additional NEBL tokens beyond the initial 125,000,000 is via staking.


  • 100% of Tokens Available During Pre-Sale

Token Sale FAQ

  • What payment methods are accepted?

    We primarily accept Bitcoin as a payment method, however nearly any popular cryptocurrency can be used in the Pre-Sale via our plugin. This secure and convenient plugin will allow you to send nearly any popular cryptocurrency as payment for your NEBL.

    For example, if you wanted to pay for your NEBL with ETH, you would simply click the ShapeShift button at checkout and select ETH in the small pop-up window that appears. An ETH payment amount at the current ETH/BTC exchange rate is calculated for you. Send your ETH to the specified ShapeShift address and ShapeShift instantly sends BTC to Neblio. Your NEBL token order is complete!

  • Is there a minimum or maximum number of NEBL tokens I can purchase?

    No, we are not setting any minimums. However, you should ensure your order total is at least ฿0.00010000 or you may not be able to successfully send payment.

  • Which wallet should I use to store my tokens?

    Visit the wallet download page to see all of the wallets currently available. Select the wallet that matches the operating system of your computer and download it. When you first launch the wallet, it will generate your first NEBL address for you. You will use this address as the address where the NEBL tokens should be deposited during your order. For more info generating a NEBL address see our blog post.

  • How do I know if my purchase was successful?

    On the checkout page you will see the status of your payment for your tokens. As soon as your payment receives 6 confirmations on the bitcoin network (this will take around an hour) your order will move to the “Processing” state. As soon as your order moves to “Processing”, a member of our team will send the purchased NEBL tokens to the address you provided in your order. Once this happens, you will receive an email and your order will be complete. You are now free to send your NEBL tokens to other Neblio users as you see fit, even before the Pre-Sale concludes!