Updating Neblio-Qt

Upgrading neblio-Qt is a very simple process. The blockchain, your wallet.dat, neblio.conf etc are all stored in a configuration folder on your computer separate from neblio-Qt.exe (Windows), neblio-Qt.app (macOS), or neblio-qt (RPi/Linux).

To upgrade you simply need to replace the old neblio.Qt.exe, neblio-Qt.app, or neblio-qt with the new one.

First, for Windows or macOS, download the latest version following the links on our wallets page.


Unzip the zip file you downloaded and extract neblio-Qt.exe. Replace the old version of neblio-Qt.exe you were running with the new version you downloaded.


Double click on the downloaded .dmg file. Drag neblio-Qt.app to your Applications folder, replacing the old version.


To install a new version on a Raspberry Pi, simply re-run our NEBL-Pi installer. In many cases you will use the default options by simply opening a terminal and pasting in:

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NeblioTeam/NEBL-Pi/master/NEBL-Pi-Installer.sh | bash -s -- -q
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