Troubleshooting an Out-of-Sync neblio-Qt Wallet

neblio-Qt syncs the blockchain by connecting to other nodes in the network and requesting blocks from those nodes. Before the wallet is fully usable, it must be completely synced. If your wallet gets stuck syncing or will not sync at all, try some of the troubleshooting steps below.

The Obvious

As always, the first and most obvious steps are to restart neblio-Qt and/or restart your computer. This can occasionally fix syncing issues by forcing neblio-Qt to connect to a new set of peer nodes.

Upgrade Your Wallet to the Latest Version

Newer versions of the Neblio software include fixes and optimizations for syncing, staking, and the overall network. Old versions may not connect to the network at all or connect at all, or only connect to legacy nodes and networks.

Always make sure you have the latest version of our wallet, which can always be found here.

Firewalls & Connection Issues

Neblio wallets and nodes communicate with each other on port 6325 by default.

Outgoing Connections: If neblio-Qt is unable to create connection to any other node due to outgoing connections on port 6325 being blocked by a firewall or network policy, rules will need to be set to allow these connections on your firewall or network. Note: Corporate, Educational and occasionally public wifi networks are known to block outgoing connections on high port numbers.

Incoming Connections: By default neblio-Qt will only connect to a limited number of other nodes via outgoing connections. If you want even more connections to other nodes in the network, you will have to allow incoming connections on port 6325 so that other nodes can connect to your node. This is done by opening port 6325 for incoming connections on your firewall and/or router.

Note that a computer restart is required for some firewalls before any changes are applied.

Adding Nodes to neblio.conf

The first thing the wallet does upon starting is connect to to get a list of other nodes on the network. This list is a list of only good nodes that are fully synced, and is updated about every 30 seconds. If this connection fails for any reason, neblio-Qt will not know any nodes to connect to and will not sync. We can work around this by adding 2 known nodes to neblio.conf. To do this, add the following 2 lines:

A Corrupt Blockchain Download

Very rarely during the initial sync, the blockchain will become corrupt due to an issue downloading blocks from other nodes. This can cause the sync to hang indefinitely. If you know you are connecting to other nodes, but your sync is completely stuck, you will need to delete your copy of the blockchain and start the sync over. To do so, follow the steps here.

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