Sweeping NTP1 Tokens from neblio-Qt to Orion

NTP1 tokens accidentally sent to a neblio-Qt address should be swept back into an Orion wallet as soon as possible. neblio-Qt does not currently support NTP1 tokens, does not display them, and if used in a transaction, could burn them.

neblio-Qt does contain a safeguard to try and prevent any NTP1 tokens from being spent in a NEBL transaction (v1.4+). If NTP1 tokens are found at any wallet address used as an input to the transaction the transaction is cancelled and a warning is displayed to the user.

In this example we will be recovering 10 NIBBL accidentally sent to a neblio-Qt address by sweeping them back to Orion. When we try to spend a transaction from this address, we are presented with the following warning:

This warning informs the user that NTP1 tokens are contained at the address and that proceeding with this transaction could burn the tokens. To sweep the tokens back into Orion, we do the following steps:

First we need to get the private key for the address shown in the warning dialog. To do so, first fully unlock your wallet (not just for staking) and open the neblio-Qt debug console. Once in the debug console, type the following:

dumpprivkey NV4igJZA3sSBNsKubPQzvwZSnyoNc5kbW8

Now that we have the private key for this address, navigate to https://orion.nebl.io/#/sweepTokens and paste the private key into the dialog shown. Note: For all functions of Orion, including sweeping, private keys never leave your web browser. The transactions are created and signed with your private key completely within your browser before the signed transaction is then broadcast to the Neblio Network.

Once we click "Scan for Tokens" the private key will be scanned to find all of the different types of NTP1 tokens at this address. In our example we have one type: NIBBL

Clicking "Sweep Tokens" will create a transaction sending the NIBBL back to our Orion wallet, sign it with the private key provided, and then broadcast it to the network. Do note the text on this page. You need at least 0.001 NEBL in the neblio-Qt address (not just in the wallet, they must be at this address on the block explorer) for each type of NTP1 token found at this address. When in doubt, simply send 0.5 NEBL to this address. Also, you may need to refresh the page and sweep multiple times. Keep at it until all of the tokens are swept back to Orion and you get the message in red below:

Now that we have swept all of the NTP1 tokens from this address back to Orion, we can safely send our NEBL transaction from neblio-Qt.

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