Sweeping NTP1 Tokens from Neblio for Android Or Electrum-NEBL

NTP1 tokens accidentally sent to a Neblio for Android or Electrum-NEBL address should be swept back into an Orion wallet as soon as possible. Neither Neblio for Android nor Electrum-NEBL currently support NTP1 tokens, do not display them, and if used in a transaction, could burn them.

Both Neblio for Android and Electrum-NEBL do contain a safeguard to try and prevent any NTP1 tokens from being spent in a NEBL transaction:
Neblio For Android - The entire NEBL balance of any address containing an NTP1 token is removed from the wallet balance and is unspendable. This protects your NTP1 tokens at that address. Once the NTP1 tokens are swept to Orion, the NEBL at that address will show back up in your Neblio for Android wallet balance.
Electrum-NEBL - When creating a transaction, if any of the transaction input addresses contain NTP1 tokens, that address is "frozen" in Electrum-NEBL. Once the NTP1 tokens have been swept to Orion from that address, the address can be unfrozen in Electrum-NEBL by right clicking on it and selecting "unfreeze."

To sweep the tokens from Neblio for Android, or Electrum-NEBL, we will need several things.
1) The seed phrase of the wallet
2) The address containing the NTP1 token
- In Neblio For Android this will be the address(es) not included in your balance
- In Electrum-NEBL this will be the address(es) that are frozen

Now we need to get the private key specific to the address containing the NTP1 token(s):

Visit our BIP39 Mnemonic Tool

Enter your wallet's seed phrase in the BIP39 Mnemonic box

If you extended your seed phrase with a password (not a wallet password, but a seed phrase password) add your password to the BIP39 Passphrase box. Otherwise, leave this blank.

In the Coin dropdown, select NEBL - Neblio - Standard (Electrum, Android, etc)

Note: Change addresses can also contain NTP1 tokens. To see your change addresses change the External / Internal field from 0 to 1.

Now scroll down on the page to where the addresses and keys are listed and find the address that contains the NTP1 Tokens. You may need to click the "More Rows" button until you see the address.

Copy the private key of this address to your clipboard.

Now that we have the private key for this address, navigate to https://orion.nebl.io/#/sweepTokens and paste the private key into the dialog shown. Note: For all functions of Orion, including sweeping, private keys never leave your web browser. The transactions are created and signed with your private key completely within your browser before the signed transaction is then broadcast to the Neblio Network.

Once we click "Scan for Tokens" the private key will be scanned to find all of the different types of NTP1 tokens at this address.

Clicking "Sweep Tokens" will create a transaction sending the NTP1 tokens back to our Orion wallet, sign it with the private key provided, and then broadcast it to the network. Do note the text on this page. You need at least 0.001 NEBL in the neblio address (not just in the wallet, they must be at this address on the block explorer) for each type of NTP1 token found at this address. When in doubt, simply send 0.5 NEBL to this address. Also, you may need to refresh the page and sweep multiple times. Keep at it until all of the tokens are swept back to Orion and you get the message in red below:

Now that we have swept all of the NTP1 tokens from this address back to Orion, we can safely use our NEBL in the Neblio for Android or Electrum-NEBL wallets.

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