Store Neblio Data in a Specific Folder or on a Specific Drive

Users may wish to store the Neblio Data for Neblio Core (blockchain data, logs, wallet.dat, etc)  in a specific folder or drive on their computer. To do this, the -datadir= flag is used on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Raspberry Pis.

On your machine, close neblio-Qt, open the command prompt and then launch neblio-Qt with the flag and the path to the desired data directory via the command prompt. For example, if a user on Windows wanted to store the Neblio data on an external drive E: in a folder named NeblioData a command like this would be used:

"C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\neblio-qt.exe" -datadir=e:\NeblioData

If you are using a data directory other than the default, you must always specify it on the command line to tell neblio-Qt where to find these important files.

Note: Windows users can avoid the command line by creating a Desktop Shortcut for neblio-Qt and then editing the shortcut properties to add the following to the end of the shortcut target: -datadir=e:\NeblioData Be sure to specify a directory path that exists on your system. After this, the shortcut can be used to launch neblio-Qt with the new custom data directory.

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