Neblio Change Addresses

If you ever notice a difference between the balance of your address on the block explorer, and the balance on your wallet, you may be wondering what is going on. This is due to change addresses.

Neblio inherited change addresses from Bitcoin Core. Change addresses do not show up on the receive tab of neblio-Qt, but are real addresses in your wallet, and their balance is shown in your neblio-Qt wallet balance. While this confuses some new users, this is identical to the way Bitcoin Core operates and you can find tons of information about bitcoin change addresses by googling ' bitcoin change addresses'

While a Neblio wallet typically has one main address, think of your wallet as a collection of addresses and your wallet balance displaying the sum of all of the addresses in your wallet. If you'd like to see these other addresses, you can turn on coin control in the wallet's settings, go to the send tab, and then click the inputs button, then list view. This will show you ALL of the addresses in your wallet, including change addresses.

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