Getting Testnet NEBL for Building/Testing Your Neblio Project

Testnet is an important part of development on any blockchain platform.

If you are developing a distributed application on Neblio you may want to do so on Testnet. The Neblio Testnet is identical to the main Neblio network, but all NEBL on the network is worthless. If you make a mistake and lose NEBL on testnet, nothing is really lost, which is perfect for development and testing purposes.

After you have created a Testnet wallet using neblio-Qt or Orion, you can get Testnet NEBL from the official Neblio Testnet Faucet:

The home page of the faucet is simple and to the point. Asking users to please return unused Testnet NEBL (there is a finite supply) and how to use the faucet.

Due to abuse of the faucet in the past, each user is limited to 2 faucet withdrawals per 24 hour period. If you have a legitimate need for hundreds or thousands of Testnet NEBL for your project, simply contact us and we will likely grant the request.

First, add your Testnet address you would like your Testnet NEBL sent to to the URL, like so:

By default, each request at the above URL will send 15 Testnet NEBL to the address provided.

If you would like to request more Testnet NEBL in a single request (up to 50) you can do so by adding an amount in satoshi, like so to request 20 Testnet NEBL:

That’s it! If your request was successful you should receive the TXID of your transaction and see the Testnet NEBL in your Testnet wallet shortly.

Remember to please return unused Testnet NEBL to the return address listed at when you are done with your project’s development so that others can use them.

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