Decrypting Orion Wallet Export Files

The Neblio Orion wallet allows you to export a JSON file with all of the information needed to re-create the wallet, including the xpriv private key.

Note: Typically users do not need to save this file, simply saving your wallet's recovery phrase is sufficient.

Exporting your Wallet to an Encrypted File

-Open Orion and select the wallet you would like to export to a file.

-Click the Gear icon in the top right -> Export Wallet -> File/Text

-Orion will require that you set a password to encrypt this file before it can be downloaded.

Decrypting your Encrypted Export File

-Go to 
(For those concerned with security, this web page can be run completely offline)

-Open your export file in a text editor and copy it all to your clipboard.

-Paste the text in the blue Ciphertext text area at the above web page and enter your encryption password in the green Password box.

-Click the blue Decrypt arrow.

-In the red Plaintext text area you will find all of the exported wallet data, including your private key.

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