Learn about the technology behind the Neblio Platform and how it can help you start deploying secure, distributed applications.

Security, built in

Applications built on the Neblio Platform utilize an inherently secure distributed database that guarantees transactions cannot be altered retroactively thanks to the underlying blockchain technology.

Transactions are consistent and accurate across the entire network, period.

The Blockchain Platform for Everyone

Think blockchain applications are too difficult to develop & deploy? Not anymore. With our intuitive APIs spanning nearly all of today’s popular programming languages, distributed application development and deployment will be easier and faster than ever.

Need a RESTful API to interact with the Neblio Blockchain Network on iOS? Check.
Want to make the same API call in your Android app? Yep, supported.
What about your Windows 10 App? Easy.

A 100% Proof-of-Stake Network

All transactions on the Neblio Blockchain Network are secured by the efficient P-o-S distributed consensus algorithm.

Staking Coins Secures the Network

Just by leaving the wallet open, users are helping to ensure the operation and security of the decentralized global Neblio network. For doing so, users are rewarded for their part in verifying the blockchain blocks full of transactions and information that power the network. This encourages users to actively participate in operating and securing the network via staking.

Energy Efficiency

Many other Blockchain networks, utilize a Proof-of-Work scheme to secure the network, known as “mining”. It is estimated that Bitcoin mining alone uses nearly $700 million a year worth of electricity. The Proof-of-Stake consensus model used by Neblio is vastly more efficient, so much so that you won’t even notice your wallet application is using CPU power while you are staking your coins, or see it on your energy bill. It can even run on the tiny Raspberry Pi.

Enterprise Neblio Blockchain Use Cases

Blockchain technology has a vast number of use cases in the enterprise. However, due to complication, the adoption rate of blockchain technologies is low.
With the simplification, consultation services, and training materials available on the Neblio Platform businesses will be able to deploy next generation distributed applications in many advanced use cases.

Secure Records Management

From health records to financial transactions, the Neblio Blockchain Network provides a secure and decentralized ledger for any form of records management.

Regulatory Compliance & Audit Trails

Information and transactions serialized in the Neblio Blockchain are immutable, guaranteeing they are accurate and unaltered when retrieved for compliance or audit purposes.

The Internet-of-Things & Big Data

The Neblio Blockchain can provide a decentralized method for next generation IoT devices to communicate and authenticate securely while providing the perfect means to secure and store the explosion of data transactions that they generate.

Scalability, without a Single Point of Failure

The Neblio Blockchain Platform can run on as few as 2, to as many as millions of nodes.
With all nodes having secure access to the entire distributed database, our platform ensures that your distributed applications stay up, even if nodes go down.

Nodes on the Neblio Blockchain Network can leave the network anytime due to downtime or by choice. When nodes come back online they simply sync the distributed database from the other nodes and rejoin the network.