How to Secure, Backup, Restore, or Transfer your Neblio Wallet


We have received a ton of questions about protecting your Neblio coins. Hopefully this blog post will answer most of those questions all in one place.


Wallet Data Locations

The Neblio wallet stores its copy of the blockchain, your private keys, and other data in a default location for each operating system we support. Note that this location can always be overridden with the -datadir=/path/to/neblio/directory command line flag.

Windows: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\roaming\neblio\
~/Library/Application Support/neblio/
Linux: ~/.neblio/


Securing Your Wallet

The Neblio wallet supports encrypting the wallet.dat file with a password. This provides several benefits. It requires you to enter a password before ever sending any NEBL. It also protects your NEBL if your computer was hacked and the wallet.dat file was stolen. The attacker would need to crack your password in order to get access to your private key and steal your NEBL.

To encrypt your wallet, click Settings > Encrypt Wallet. You will then be asked for a password. Use a strong password that you will never forget.

Your wallet will now close to complete the encryption process. When you re-open your wallet it will be encrypted.


Backing Up Your Wallet

You should always have a backup of your wallet.dat file. All of your coins are stored on the blockchain, not on your computer, but your wallet.dat contains the private keys that allows you to unlock and transfer those coins. As long as you have a backup of your wallet.dat file, you should always be able to recover your coins. You do not need to create a new backup each time you send or receive coins because remember, they are stored on the blockchain. BUT each time you generate a new NEBL address on the “Receive” tab AND each time a new change address is generated due to sending NEBL, you should make a new backup of your wallet.dat

Neblio makes backups easy, simply go to File > Backup Wallet and save the wallet.dat file in a safe and secure location.


Restoring Your Wallet, or Transferring to A New Computer

Restoring your wallet from a backup is simple.

If you are restoring to a new computer that has never run the Neblio wallet before, first download the latest version of the wallet from here, run the wallet once and let it sync, then close the wallet.

To restore your wallet backup to your current or a new computer simply copy the wallet.dat file you previously backed up to to the Neblio data folder for your operating system, listed at the start of this post. Once you re-open the wallet, you should see all of your coins!

That’s it! Securing, backing up, and restoring your wallet is an easy process. With encryption and regular backups, your NEBL coins should always be safe!

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