In order to receive NEBL, whether from your purchase during the Pre-Sale or from another Neblio user, you must know a NEBL address from your Neblio Wallet. Luckily, generating 1 or more NEBL addresses is very easy from within the wallet interface.

1) Download the latest version of the Neblio wallet for your computer’s operating system from here.


2) Open the Neblio wallet application and click on the “Receive Tokens” tab, as seen here:


3) You then have the option of clicking “New Address” to generate a new address in your wallet, or selecting the default address that is created the first time you open your wallet. In this example we will generate a new address and then click “Copy Address” to copy the address to our clipboard. Note: You may create as many addresses as you like in your wallet and any tokens sent to any of the addresses will all show up in your wallet.


4) Send the address you copied to your clipboard to the Neblio user that would like to send you tokens and verify that it was copy and pasted accurately.

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