Neblio is a distributed, high performance blockchain platform built for Enterprise & Industry 4.0 applications and services.

Developer Friendly

Neblio makes blockchain simple. The Neblio Token Protocol-1 and its unique metadata properties allow for easy tokenization of physical and digital assets without any development or technical experience. Whether you are launching a new project, an existing business, or want to create for fun, Neblio is the easiest blockchain platform to develop your use case on.

Overview & Benefits

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Built On Neblio

Through our RESTful API SDKs written in eight of today’s most popular programming languages, developers can easily integrate a new or existing application in the language of their choice. Our documentation and tools will allow you to quickly create your project’s token and assign metadata to individual tokens for use in your distributed application. If you need assistance, Neblio provides a suite of services and consulting.
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Stake NEBL, Earn NEBL

Staking NEBL makes you an operator of the Neblio Network. Operators verify transactions, provide governance, and create new blocks. Staking NEBL is as easy as leaving your wallet running and connected to the network. By ensuring the network remains healthy, decentralized, and lightning fast, you earn NEBL as a reward each time your wallet stakes a new block on the chain.
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Work With Us

Neblio Partners provide collaboration, development, & funding to further expand the Neblio Ecosystem.
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